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Super Cardarine by Primeval Labs | Muscle Builder & Fat Loss | Genesis

by Primeval Labs

Significantly Increase Endurance & Destroy Fat!


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  • Description
    Super Cardarine by Primeval Labs is a fat burning compound that binds to the PPAR receptor to increase the amount of energy expenditure in the body. It increases the number of fatty acids that are metabolised supports increased in HDL (good Cholesterol) and decreases LDL (bad cholesterol). Another benefit of Cardarine is its ability to hugely increase muscle endurance allowing you to train harder, longer and stimulate lean muscle growth. With Super Cardarine you will develop muscle definition and striations quicker whilst shredding stubborn body fat!
  • Key Points
    • Increased Endurance
    • Burn Fat
    • Support Good Cholesterol
    • Non-Stim
    • Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Our thoughts

    If you’re looking to burn fat and increase endurance, then Super Cardarine by Primeval Labs is for you! A highly effective compound that not only increases the amount of fatty acids metabolised by the body but also the amount of energy expended during the day. Combine that with its ability to dramatically increase muscular endurance, you’ll be able to train harder and shred fat quicker with Super Cardarine. Definitely, Genesis Approved!

  • Directions

    For best results take 2-4 capsules daily for 8-12 weeks before taking a break for at least 4 weeks. This can be stacked alongside a test booster/anti-estrogen for even better results!

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