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Sweet Sweat by Sweet Sweat | TOPICAL CREAM | Genesis

by Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat increases the circulation of exercising muscles, allowing you to maximize your fat loss. 


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  • Description
    Sweet Sweat is a topical fat loss cream designed to create a thermogenic effect on the applied areas. It works by increasing the circulation of exercising muscles, allowing you to maximize your fat loss. It also accelerates warm up and recovery time. This means exercising will be easier and quicker while reducing the risk of aches, cramps, and muscle pulls. 
  • Key Points
    • Targets "Slow to Respond" problem areas
    • Substantially Improves Circulation & Sweating
    • Accelerates Warm-up and Recovery time
    • Accelerates Fat Loss
    • Fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries such as shin splints, pulls and strains
    • Encourages Thermogenesis and Muscle activity during exercise 
  • Our thoughts

    Sweet sweat is a pretty cool and unique product! It is designed to (as the name states) make you sweat. It does this through increasing circulation during your workouts, to make your body burn fat more effectively and also helps soothe those sore spots you may have. This product will quickly become one of your gym bag essentials for those looking to target those “hard to move” fatty areas.

  • Directions

    Before starting your workout, apply Sweet Sweat to your skin, coating desired areas without rubbing into the skin. Sweet Sweat is ideal for 'problem areas' like hips, belly, arms, and glutes. So apply it evenly on these areas.

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