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Testalensis 100 by APS Nutrition - Natural Test Booster!

by APS

Enhance testosterone levels, increase energy and build muscle.


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  • Description

    Testalensis 100 by APS Nutrition is the first and only testosterone booster to utilise a standardized 100:1 exact ration Bulbine Natalensis, which allows it to perform far more potently than non-standardized 1:1 bulbine formulas. This standardized formula helps to catalyse muscle building, whilst simultaneously reducing oestrogen levels in the body. Testalensis 100 is unique because it also boosts human growth hormone (HGH). Containing a 98 percent pure Levo Depo extract, a precursor for dopamine, it has the ability to trigger the hypothalamus and pituitary’s release of HGH. Clinical studies have shown that this key ingredient can raise HGH levels up to 221%.


  • Key Points
    • Dramatically Increased Natural Testosterone
    • Increase Muscle Mass
    • Increase Energy
    • Assist in Oestrogen Reduction
  • Our thoughts

    Testalensis 100 is a superior test-booster that uses only the most scientifically proven ingredients to elevate testosterone and HGH levels. You can expect more strength leading to heavier lifts, more muscle mass increase, lots of natural energy, and a libido that will go absolutely through the roof.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends, as a dietary supplement, take two (2) one or two times daily on an empty stomach. Take 8-12 hours apart. Always consult the label and your doctor before taking a hormonal supplement.

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