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TR3 by Gen-Tec Nutrition - Total Recovery Protein!

by GenTec Nutition

Recover post-workout!


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  • Description

    TR3 by Gen-Tec Nutrition (Total Recovery - Phase 3), is an all-in-one recovery formula designed to help you increase strength, improve recovery, enhance endurance and build lean muscle mass. Ideal for post-workout nutrition, Gen-Tec's TR3 formula combines fast digesting proteins (WPI and Hydrolysed WPI) with a high-quality carbohydrate matrix, headlined by maltodextrin and fructose. With an added digestive enzyme, TR3 allows the body to break down proteins and rapidly absorb nutrients.

  • Key Points
    • Fast acting proteins
    • Maltodextrin 
    • Ideal for post-workout
    • Replenish glycogen
    • Digestive enzymes
  • Our thoughts

    Gen-Tec Nutrition's TR3 is a fantastic post-workout recovery product that combines high quality, fast acting proteins with anabolic carbohydrates to spike insulin and drive lean muscle growth. Genesis approved!

  • Directions

    Mix 80g (4 scoops) in 350mls of water and consume immediately after exercise. Always follow manufacturer directions for use. 

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