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Train 2.0 by Rule 1

by Rule 1

This pre-workout performance formula has a 100% transparent label, with only the best ingredients, you can be certain you crush whatever workout or task your facing.


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  • Description

    Train 2.0 by Rule 1

    Rule 1 pre-workout Train 2.0 is a complete user-friendly pre-workout designed for those individuals who are looking at taking there training to the next level. This pre-workout was designed with both beginners and athletes in mind with there comprehensive transparent formula, giving users the ability to get the most out of each workout.

    Train 2.0 complete transparent performance formula has ingredients like...

    Tyrosine - amino acid responsible for dopamine production within the body. Dopamine is the hormone released that makes us feel motivated, aroused, and helps the brain create a memory of things that drive us forward.

    Caffeine - 300mg of total caffeine per serve from both fast and slow sources. Therefore you can be certain you will receive an instant kick as well as long-lasting energy without the crash. This is due to the long half-life of the slow release caffeine meaning users will have a constant boost in energy and mood all day long.

    L-citrulline - 3g of one of the most proven pump ingredients out there that will assist in vasodilation. Greater blood flow not only means greater pumps but also means for a greater volume of oxygen and nutrients in and out of the working muscle, therefore giving users a greater power out as well as faster recovery time.

    As I'm sure by now you can tell by now Rule 1 has left no stone unturned when creating this powerhouse of a pre-workout and yet the best part is that anyone from beginner to advanced can use it with confidence that it will turn things up a notch in the gym.

  • Key Points
    • Increased Performance 
    • Increased Energy 
    • Beginners to Athletes
    • Enhance Muscle Pumps 
    • No Crash 
  • Our thoughts

    Here at Genesis we think Train 2.0 is an awesome overall pre workout suitable for basically everyone. Be certain to get the most of your workouts with Train 2.0 

  • Directions recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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