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Vitality Switch + Protein Switch by Switch Nutrition


This bundle contains everything that you need to perform at your best. It contains an all in one super greens supplement to support you daily nutrition intake as well as optimise your body's systems, and a vegan protein that provides a great amino acid profile.


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Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition

  • Description
    Switch Nutrition has cleverly formulated a brand-new greens powder, Vitality Switch, which is one of the most concentrated and powerful greens formulas currently on the market. Vitality Switch is a combination of concentrated whole foods that consists of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants which all promote good health. Vitality Switch includes digestive enzymes and a probiotic blend, making Vitality Switch the perfect supplement to incorporate into your growing stack to ensure you are achieving optimal health every day. Vitality Switch has been formulated to assist with supporting healthy digestion, immune function and nutrient absorption.
  • Key Points
    • Enhance Immune Function
    • Digestive Enzymes
    • Includes Minerals and Vitamins
    • Boost Energy
    • Balance Hormones
  • Our thoughts

    The entire team would highly recommend this new and exciting greens formula, Vitality Switch, to anyone wanting an effective and easily-digested greens powder that can be consumed daily. Each serving consists with a powerful blend of natural ingredients that helps to detoxify your body and aids in making you feel energised from the inside out. Order yours today and you will not regret it!

  • Directions

    Anytime you are looking for a healthy boost. We recommend using it upon rising or with your first meal of the day.

Protein Switch by Switch Nutrition

  • Description

    Make the switch with Protein Switch by Switch Nutrition, the comprehensive and delicious plant-based protein.

    If you're sick and tired of plant protein options that taste earthy and mix poorly, you are going to love Protein Switch from Switch Nutrition!

    So what sets this Australian made supplement apart from the rest? Well, Protein Switch is a carefully selected blend of sprouted organic vegan proteins chosen to provide the best amino acid profile, whilst also being highly absorbable and taste 10/10 delicious!

    In particular, we see a blend of organic sprouted pea protein isolate, sprouted hemp protein, sprouted pumpkin protein and sprouted watermelon protein. This unique mix result is a smooth clean finish that rivals it's whey protein counterparts.

    Flavours aside, Protein Switch is a great option for any individual looking for a plant protein to assist in their muscle gain or weight loss journey. Featuring a big 24g of protein per serving, with low carbs and fats, this protein powder is a great choice to boost muscle recovery post-training, or to add to your morning protein smoothy.

  • Key Points

    Some of the key benefits of this product include:

    • 100% vegan friendly.
    • Less than 130 calories per serving.
    • 24g of protein per serving.
    • Easy to digest protein sources.
  • Our thoughts

    We really love this vegan protein option, it tastes great and has a great macro profile.

  • Directions

    Take 1 serving post training mixed with water or a milk alternative.

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