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Waximize by Evolve

by Evolve

Rapidly absorbed carbohydrate source for increase strength and energy!


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  • Description

    Waximize by Evolve is a revolutionary source of carbohydrates which has been designed to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. By utilizing a modified form of pre-digested starch, Waximize is able to bypass traditional digestion and eliminate any need for the stomach to break down the compound. Waximize by Evolve remains a complex carbohydrate by the time it reaches the bloodstream, with all of the benefits that performance athletes and bodybuilders require from their source of carbohydrates.

    Waximize by Evolve is able to – once absorbed into the bloodstream – increase the volume of blood shuttled to the muscles and restore glycogen stores, creating significant vascularity and carving a noticeably leaner physique.

  • Key Points
    • Rapidly absorbed
    • Bloat free
    • Enhanced glycogen replenishment
    • Boost strength
    • Increase muscle mass
  • Our thoughts

    Waximize by Evolve utilizes waxy maize – a modified corn-starch known for its rapid and complete absorption – which is best consumed both pre and post workout to restore the body’s glycogen stores, allowing you to perform at your peak and recover quicker.

    Waximize by Evolve causes no bloating or digestive discomfort as it is able to bypass the traditional digestive process, becoming rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and registered as an actionable energy source. Waximize can be stacked with other supplements (like a lean WPI) for massive muscle fullness and roadmap vascularity.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition Australia recommends mixing 80g (2 SCOOPS) in 400 - 600ml water or your favourite protein shake immediately after sustained strenuous exercise or training. Recommended Serving size is 1.0g/kg bodyweight.

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