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Whey + Gamer by Ghost Lifestyle

This bundle contains everything that you need to have you performing at your best. It contains a premium protein blend with natural digestive enzymes and a nootropic to aid overall focus, energy, decision making and productivity.


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Whey by Ghost Lifestyle

  • Description
    Ghost Whey is the latest and greatest from the newest fitness & lifestyle company to hit the industry and make some massive waves. Providing products that are fun, work well and most importantly taste great, Ghost are sure to be a company to watch in the coming months. Ghost Whey is a premium blend protein that contains a great amount of protein as well as digestive enzymes to ensure a smooth uptake by the body to get the most out of your protein whilst also boasting low calories!
  • Key Points
    • Premium Blend
    • Digestive Enzymes
    • Transparent Ingredients List
    • Low Calories  
  • Our thoughts

    The team here at Genesis think Ghost Whey is one of our favourites proteins to come out in recent times, whether it be the great taste or the transparent label listing exactly how much protein is coming from source, something we don’t see too often. We just can’t seem to get enough. A great protein for that daily protein hit or for after those hard-hitting sessions in the gym where you need to fuel up, and fast! This product is definitely Genesis approved!

  • Directions

    Mix 1 scoop in 400ml of chilled water or milk and shake well. Best taken in the morning, pre-workout, post workout or any time through the day a protein hit is needed!

Gamer by Ghost Lifestyle

  • Description

    Ghost Gamer delivers an epic combination of brain-boosting Nootropics and natural caffeine to ensure you're zoned-in and focused for the task at hand.

    If you have tried nootropics in the past you know how good they can be to stay on track - if you haven't tried them - you are missing out and potentially losing when you might not have to.

    Gamer packs nooLVL, L-Tyrosine & Cognizin as its main nootropic sources. The combination of these ingredients will help to improve attention, reaction time & focus, perfect for taking your gaming to new unseen levels!

    Broken down some of the key ingredients include...

    Tyrosine - an amino acid known to help regulate dopamine levels. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for making you feel motivated, driven and happy.

    The energy source comes from natural caffeine with a mild 150mg per 2 scoops. This mild dosage will eliminate any chance of crashing while giving you enough energy to power through those long sessions.

    Whether you are new to gaming or not, taking Ghost Gamer will be sure to enhance your game.

  • Key Points
    • Specifically Designed For Gaming & Concentration
    • 4 Patented Ingredients
    • 40 Scoops
    • Intense Mental Focus
    • Natural Caffeine
  • Our thoughts

    Here at Genesis not only do we like winning by achieving our health and fitness goals, but we also LOVE winning online against our gym pals in whatever online player vs player game you play. Take your gaming to the limits with Ghosts Gamer formula!

  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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