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Ykay by 13 Lives

Increase workout performance, improve mental wellbeing and increase natural testosterone levels!


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  • Description

    13 Lives Ykay is quite a unique supplement. Ykay is a

    combination of performance-enhancing mushrooms such as Lions Mane and Cordyceps, exogenous BHB Ketones to create energy and focus without the vasoconstrictive stimulation of caffeine. In simple terms this means you getting fired up for training without the need of overstimulating on caffeine.

    Included in the formulation is the addition of Epicatechin, a product that is profoundly known for its ability to increase performance.

    One of Ykay ingredients, Lions Mane has sprung to popularity recently due to its ability to boost cognitive function, reduce inflammation and fatigue during bouts of physical activity.

    The addition of Pine Pollen & Epicatechins supports both the increase in free testosterone levels and a boost in aerobic capacity meaning you dramatically increase training endurance while having elevated levels of testosterone will aid you in recovery faster, feeling better mentally and building more lean muscle than ever thought possible.

    13 Lives Ykay can ideally be used as a non stimulate pre-workout with the massive increase in mental focus it provides.

  • Key Points
    • Improved endurance 
    • Improved workout aggression 
    • Reduce inflammation 
    • non stimulant 
  • Our thoughts

    Need a pre workout kick without stimulants? If this is you then Ykay by 13 Lives is for you. Crush your workouts with Ykay 

  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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