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Young Adult - Male - Weight Loss - Intermediate

Our Young Adult Weight Loss Bundle Intermediate contains everything that you need to reach your weight loss goals. It contains a thermogenic fat burner that stimulates your fat receptor cells to burn fat, l-carnitine to help the body convert fatty acids into usable fuel and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) to suppress appetite.


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Double Tap by Redcon1

  • Description
    Double Tap is a stim fat burner that allows your body to burn more calories. It increases the basal metabolic rate, so you are burning more calories at rest. All of the ingredients have been backed up by science, allowing for the best possible results. Double Tap will help reduce your appetite, increase your energy, and help focus your thoughts and enhance memory in a caloric deficiency.
  • Key Points
    • Burn More Fat
    • Reduces Hunger
    • Improves Energy
    • Enhances Memory
    • Speeds Metabolism
  • Our thoughts

    Double Tap works to increase your bodies’ metabolic rate, so you burn more calories throughout the day. You'll also notice an increase in energy and mental focus. One of the downsides of dieting to get into shape is energy levels typically fall off quite quickly; this is where Double Tap, taps in to help you to be feeling energised and focused.

  • Directions

    Genesis Nutrition recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Protein Shakers

L-Carnitine by Redcon1

  • Description

    When it comes to burning fat and supporting your body's metabolism, L-Carnitine by Redcon1 should be your go to!

    In clinical studies, Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) has been shown to benefit cognitive ability, memory and mood. However, its major benefit for those involved in weight training, cardio and exercise is that it allows the body to use stored fat for energy more easily which can lead to weight loss.

    ALCAR is a very versatile supplement that can enhance the fat mobilisation of any fat burner or give your pre-workout the power to increase Lipolysis (the process of burning fat for fuel).

    L-Carnitine also helps boost exercise endurance and supports muscle recovery. Whether you’re dieting for a competition or looking to support your metabolism, L-Carnitine is a critical supplement to support your goals.

  • Key Points
    • Promotes Fatty Acid Metabolism
    • Promotes Endurance
    • Supports Healthy Weightloss
    • Increase Mental Focus
  • Our thoughts

    L-Carnitine is an extremely versatile supplement that can benefit almost everyone. For that we at Genesis believe that L-Caritine can and should be a staple supplement for all individuals looking to improve health and training outcomes. 

  • Directions

    Take 1-2 grams up to twice per day, with at least one serving being around exercise times.

CLA by Redcon1

  • Description

    CLA hardwires us to maintain lean body composition, helping to reduce the urge to eat unhealthy fats and burn the calories that already exist, instead of craving additional empty calories.

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring, omega-6 fatty acid found in plant oils and foods like eggs, dairy products, and red meat, but only in small levels. CLA is considered a healthy trans fat. To receive the amounts of CLA needed to achieve favourable changes in body composition through foods alone, you’d need to consume far too much dietary fat.

    Fortunately, the benefits of CLA can be achieved through supplementation. A number of studies have demonstrated that when combined with an exercise regimen, CLA can help improve lean muscle mass, increase fat loss, and support a healthy metabolism.

  • Key Points
    • Supports Lean Muscle Growth
    • Supports Fat Metabolism
    • Promotes Weight Management
    • 90 Serves
  • Our thoughts

    CLA has had a number of studies support evidence of improve lean muscle mass, increased fat loss and can support a healthy metabolism  both when dieting or bulking. Genesis gives this product a big thumbs up!

  • Directions

    Genesis recommends following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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